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Door Knockers with a Story to Share

Since the time that the beginning of human civilization, the historical Greeks, Romans, and Egyptians individuals sharpened the craft of initial introductions (the Sphinx at the Pyramids of Giza, Astonishing decision of entryway doodads). Well, for some odd reason the absolute most basic equipment we see on doors today, notices back to images embellishing passages for hundreds if not a great many years. Here, door knockers with a story…

lion head

Lion Heads

Lions are magnificent creatures and have everlastingly been utilized as images of force, quality, and bravery. Right up ’til the present time, lion head door knockers are as normal all through Europe as the door ringer.


110 Downing Street0 Downing Street

Observe the official living arrangement of the Prime Minister of Britain at 10 Downing Street. The knocker likely hasn’t been touched in 100 years, yet is no less great for that. This knocker says, “A ton of force lies just past this door”.

We adore the smooth look of the knocker painted the same shading as the door. Yet, while it works with the dark, not certain it’s a possibility for different hues.


Foreboding figures

Foreboding figures are normally connected with the medieval period, with probably the most acclaimed being those that decorate the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris. They were around much sooner than that and utilized by the old Greeks, Romans, and Egyptians as downspouts, anticipating water far from structures through their mouths.

In time, their utilization as startling eaves troughs got to be optional to their utilization as talismans. The figures of deformity made an impression on shrewdness spirits – and uneducated people – that a building was free from evil presences. Alert frameworks are accursed! To have a figure of grotesqueness knocker is to have some old-school security for your home.

handThe Hand

All through the Middle East it is typical to see door knockers fit as a fiddle of a lady’s hand.

Strikingly, each of the three noteworthy religions asserts this hand has a place with them. For Muslims, the lady’s hand has a place with Fatima, the little girl of the Prophet Mohammed and organizer of Islam. In Judaism the hand has a place with Miriam, sister of Moses (otherwise called the Hamsa), and Christians consider it to be Mary’s hand.

Notwithstanding whose hand it is, they all are accepted to offer assurance from insidiousness.

tumblr_mupqrjG86A1qanpbqo1_500Greek Medusa

You’ve presumably seen this face somewhere recently; however did you realize that it has a place with Medusa? As per Greek mythology Medusa was a terrible beast that had serpents for hair.

The individuals who looked upon her were instantly swung to stone. Perseus executed her by cutting of her head. He kept her head as proof of his success and soon found that even in death it had the ability to change individuals to stone. From there on, he conveyed her head on his shield to use against his adversaries.

Since the sixth century B.C., pictures of Medusa’s face embellished Greek structures to symbolize the triumph of good over underhandedness. Despite the fact that she’s an alluring form of the horrendous Gorgon Medusa, she is accepted to be no less intense in shielding your home from insidiousness – snakes or no snakes.


From unnerving beasts we now give you… the pineapple. Not at all like the knockers above, are pineapples seen as an image of welcome.

This account starts with the entry of Spaniards on South America and Caribbean shores in the fifteenth century. Among their revelations was the pineapple, which they conveyed home to awesome recognition.

Since ocean travel was moderate and developing pineapples in Europe by outlandish, the fascinating organic product was uncommon and profoundly desired, to such an extent that rulers were displayed pineapples as endowments. Has who offered pineapple to their visitors were thought to be liberal, thus started the pineapple’s relationship with cordiality and liberality.

Vintage Style Classic Shape

Door knockers are not just a thing that thumps, but rather are really a chance to add masterfulness to your home.

Despite the fact that the appearance of the doorbell has made the door knocker unnecessary, for a generally little venture, you can change the look of the outside of your home and connect with your guest.

Perhaps you don’t have to avoid underhanded spirits, yet who wouldn’t like to make an incredible initial introduction? The accompanying is a determination of knockers that are unusually improving and especially enchanting, for example, this one, which is a great shape, yet the drawing makes it uncommon.

Door Knocker Angel

Here’s a sweet angel brass door knockers. We cherish the shabby chic impact of the rust coming through, however painting it white and hanging it on a splendidly shaded door would likewise look extraordinary.

Tricky Fox

Here’s a thought (they don’t call a fox tricky to no end): on the off chance that you locate a littler estimated knocker you cherish, why not utilize it on an inside door? Offer an adolescent a door knocker for his or her room – an awesome point of interest while acknowledging their requirement for security. (Sharp stylistic layout thoughts aside, it may very well keep them from setting up their own, appalling deadbolts).

mermaidThe Mermaid

This one is everyone’s favorite! She has a beautiful bended line to her and she’s ideal for anybody with affection for legendary animals (mermaids, unicorns, mythical beings, pixies). Require some serious energy to discover your knocker.